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Extended Family

After Cloud

After Cloud is for capturing life's moments 
It's your private place to securely store memories, thoughts, wishes and important or meaningful information that you can share with your loved ones
YOUR life story in an app!

After Cloud: Services
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After Cloud Moments

After Cloud Moments is a secure ‘award winning’ mobile app for capturing life’s important moments. It is your place to store memories, thoughts, and essential information that you can share with your loved ones privately and securely.

Don't leave your legacy or important instructions to chance. Help those who care about you most by planning ahead for the future.

Make sure those close to you know what you want, where to turn, and have the information they need at their fingertips in our easy-to-use app.

You can use Moments to easily convey your intentions as a complement to your will and estate plan, as well as for storytelling, journaling, scrapbooking and even bringing your photo album to life with your own voice.

Use it to explain matters like the handling of your belongings, and to pass along information about family traditions and history.

It is a private and secure app that enables you to convey everything that might need to be communicated upon incapacity or death.

Digital memory vault

After cloud enables you to save and share your personal memories in a digital memory vault. This can include letters, photos, voice and audio recordings and videos. For example:

• A video wishing your daughter Happy Birthday and a poem you wrote for her special day.

• Audio message for your family, wishing them a Merry Christmas

• Share your photos with memories of who is who audio explanations.

• An anniversary letter for your partner, including photos and videos from your wedding day.

• A message to someone you care about, saying something that you have always wanted to say.

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