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Tender Truths
Caring for the Dying

CoAuthored by Patti Broadfoot, Brenda Hennessey, Tamelynda Lux, Olga Nikolajev, Chrystal Waban, Rusty Williams

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Introduction ~ Excerpt

One might expect that a book called "Tender Truths: Caring for the Dying" would focus on one of the many debates in medical ethics, such as telling a patient the truth about their health, especially when that means giving them bad news. Being sincere when communicating with a patient still appears to be extremely complicated for healthcare professionals; this is documented in numerous journal articles easily found on PubMed (for example, Assessing effective physician-patient communication skills: “Are you listening to me, doc?”). 


This book is actually about the tender truths that practitioners have faced mostly about themselves while caring for the dying. This is important because, as new end-of-life practitioners, it can be helpful to know how other practitioners are coping. These stories can help you navigate your own experiences by walking you through common concerns and issues.


How complicated or challenging is it for practitioners or caregivers to be sincere with themselves and their feelings when caring for the dying? The benefits of being sincere with oneself and considering those “tender truths” are self-care and well-being.


Meet the Authors

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Patti Broadfoot, RSW

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Tamelynda Lux, CCH, PCC, DipAdEd

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Rusty Williams, M.Div., D.Min.

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Olga Nikolajev, RN, MA, FT

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Brenda Hennessey, End-of-Life Doula

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Chrystal Waban, RSSW

What Others Are Saying:

Christine E. Cosgrove, BA, RP

"Patti [Broadfoot] does an amazing job of coloring the grief experience in an array not yet seen before. Her words are light, positive, and uplifting. This is an honest account of her life as a registered social worker and death doula, and I hope you let it inspire you as it did me."

Larry Patten, Author of A Companion for the Hospice Journey

"[A]n excellent resource for those who support the dying... The authors share honest, experience-based reflections. Their combined words offer readers essential, accessible and yes, tender tools for all who help support the dying: deeper knowledge, the value of self-reflection, and an emphasis on vulnerability."

The Rev. Dr Virginia Leopold, M.Ed., M.Div., Th.M., D. Min

"I applaud a book that covers the much-needed discussion on the process of dying and death... I can particularly relate to Rusty Williams' discussion of the power of presence. The experiences and thoughts in this book will surely be welcome guidance and affirmation for those facing the dying process."

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