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Emotion Mind

Emotion Mind will act out of fear, excitement, sadness, anger, joy and more.

Triggers can be:

- Argument

- Fighting urges

- Procrastinating tasks

- Certain people, places or events

It can be difficult to maintain impartial and a reasonable mindset when in this state.

Wise Mind

BOTH Rational and Emotional minds are used when making a decisions. The Wise Mind honours and accepts emotions, while taking into account the facts. It is often referred to as your inner wisdom.

Reason Mind

Reason Mind bases its decisions on facts, evidence and what has worked in the past. 

Situations that use rational mind may be:

Deciding on what to eat


Planning an event


Fixing an item

However these activities can be hijacked by emotions. For example, deciding on what to eat by emotions if you are trying to eat healthier.