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Resources: About Me
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Alzheimer's Society

Research Institute on Ageing

Province of Ontario Information for Seniors

Positive Approach to Care - Teepa Snow
Dementia education and Support

Dementia & Ageing 

Books for Children

Granny Mary Thinks Differently by Petra Boh 

I Smile For Grandpa by Jaclyn Guenette and Kathryn Harrision

Granny Can't Remember Me: A Book About Alzheimer's by Susan McCormick

When My Grammy Forgets, I Remember: A Child's Perspective on Dementia by Toby Haberkorn

Always My Grandpa: A Story for Children About Alzheimer's Disease by Linda Seacco

Striped Shirts and Flowered Pants: A Story About Alzheimer's Disease for Young Children by Barbara Schnurbush

Grandma and Me: A kid's Guild for Alzheimer's and Dementia by Beatrice Tauber Prior & Mary Ann Drummond

My Grandma Has Dementia by Alex Winstanely (Ages 4 - 10 yrs)

Grandpa Forgets by Suzi Lewis-Barned (Ages 3 and up)

Grandma, It's Me by YY Chan (Ages 6 - 10yrs)

The Tide by. Clare Welsh (Ages 3 - 6yrs)

Remembering for Both of U: a child learns about Alzheimer's by Charlotte Wood

Me and Mrs Moon by Helen Bates 

My Book about Brains, Change and Dementia by Lynda Moore

The Memory Journeys by Charlie Draper 

Grandma by Jessica Sheperd

The Mind Thief by Louise S Framst

A Good Day with Grandma & Me by Dr Wendy Hulko 


Driving and Dementia

Children Resources

Just For Kids - Information Sheet created by the Alzheimer's Society

Dementia in my Family (Dementia Australia) Ages preschool to 16+

Fact Sheet on Supporting Children and Young People When a Person has Dementia

Resource List for Kids - Alzheimers


My Name is Lisa
13 yrs old coping with her mother's Alzheimers

After a Diagnosis of Alzheimer's: Talking with Kids


Crisis Services Canada

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Kid's Help Line
24-hour crisis line: 1-800-688-6868

In Canada TEXT "CONNECT" to 686868


Call 911


Go To Your Nearest Emergency Department

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