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Advance Care Planning & Legacy Work: About Me

Legacy Work

How do you want to be remembered? How would you like to remember a loved one?

Legacy Work provides a creative way to leave a lasting memory. 

Below are examples of Legacy projects. Additionally, Inner Sojourn is proud to partner with "After Cloud" secure award winning mobile apps for to securely store memories, thoughts, wishes and important or meaningful information that you can share with your loved ones. 

Image by Laura Fuhrman
Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 5.59_edited.jpg

After Cloud

After Cloud Moments and After Cloud Timelines Apps provide a safe and secure way to leave your legacy through pictures, stories, letters and more!


The Butterfly Tap Shoes

These shoes where created to remember a loved one who is represented by monarch butterflies in their life.

Notebook and Pen

Family History & Shared Stories

Many people leave stories, letters, hand written favourite recipes,  there is an endless list of ways to leave messages for your loved ones. 

 Many loved ones like to have friends and families share stories about their loved ones. These are often captured through writing or videos and can be shared with their loved one before their death or as a living legacy. 

Scrapbooking elements, scrapbooking decor.jpg

Personal Items Memorialized

Families and friends have created art projects with pieces of loved ones jewelry, clothing and more! What would you create?

Advance Care Planning & Legacy Work: My Work
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