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Windows 8.1 Alienware 2015 [TeamOs-HKRG] Download Pc [Updated]




was started fine and i had internet from it fine but then it stopped working and i tried to restart my pc, and now it's not even allowing me to connect ThinkT510, hmmm, that worked perfectly, thanks again :) ubuntuaddicted: ^^. MaynardWaters: np, enjoy Bashing-om, ok, i'll try and reboot and see hello, i've got a problem when i wanna install a program, i use ncurses and that's working fine Jackneill: why not use the software centre? but it's saying "no screens found" Jackneill: what type of install are you trying to do? Jackneill: do you get a desktop and have you looked at your Xorg logs? !paste For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use | To post!screenshots use to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic. i have a hard drive, i would like to install some softwares on it, like XMing there is no way to install those softwares on ubuntu?? ubuntuaddicted: If that boot up into a X session. at the login screen hit ctl+alt+F2 and when the login screen is on the top right corner hit enter. i have the ubuntu 15.04 Jackneill: ah, well you should have started with a fresh install. If you used your old 14.04, I don't know if you can install 14.04 packages on 15.04, but you should have done a clean install hateball: ok, so the new ubuntu release comes with some problems? Jackneill: Well there's a lot of new stuff in 15.04, what you are seeing could




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Windows 8.1 Alienware 2015 [TeamOs-HKRG] Download Pc [Updated]

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