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Counselling Services

As we travel on this life journey, we face many challenges that may leave us feeling overwhelmed, stuck, hopeless and alone. However, these moments may be the turning point toward new and rewarding experiences. Counselling provides a safe, collaborative, supportive space to explore and gain insight into the challenges you are facing and foster more effective coping skills on the road to becoming a happier, healthier you. 

Area of Support

Areas of Support

Grief and Loss

Death Losses

Examples (not limited to)

  • Traumatic (suicide, homicide, accident)

  • Complicated

  • Prolonged grief disorder,

  • Pet loss 

Non Death Losses

   Examples (not limited to)

  • Divorce or end of a relationship

  • Job loss

  • Change in identity

  • Loss of a future dream 

  • Dementia Diagnosis


Anxiety and Chronic Worry

Low Self-Esteem

Chronic Stress

Coping Skills

Work Issues

Life Transition

Caregiver Support

Concussion & Brain Injury

Life Altering Diagnosis

Panic and Hyperarousal

Dementia & Ageing

Advance Care Planning

Life Limiting Diagnosis (Palliative, EOL)

End of Life

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