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How Do You Help A Grieving Friend?

Holding Space - The Art of Helping

I am sure you have heard the words "holding space" but what does it truly mean? Holding space for someone is to be supportive and present, without judgment or opinion. It is something easier said than done. It means listening. Allowing the person to share their feelings and thoughts without fixing or the need to respond. It includes practicing empathy and compassion accepting someone's truths, no matter what they may be. Putting your needs and opinions aside, and allowing them to just be. And remember... it takes practice.

Serious Illness and Before Loss

The 5 C's of Children's with loved one's with serious illness or death.

  1. Did I cause it?

  2. Can I catch it?

  3. Could I have cured it?

  4. Who is going to care for me?

  5. How will I stay connected to them?

**Me and My Illness - Activity Book
(Canadian Virtual Hospice)

**Canadian Virtual Hospice Living with advanced illness - young adults and teens

**My Life Their Illness
Activity Book

(Canadian Virtual Hospice)

Talking with Children about Serious Illness
(Canadian Virtual Hospice)

**Caring Together.Life 
For Parents with a child with a serious illness, pregnancy, infant loss (Canadian Virtual Hospice)

**Your Conversation Starter -  Guide For Caregivers of a Child with Serious Illness (The Conversation Project)

The Conversation Project Website (info, videos ++)

Not If But When - Books for young people about death and loss


The Private Worlds of Dying Children by Myra Bluebond-Langner

Everyone Dies (and Yes, It is Normal) by Marianne Matzo, PhD, FAAN and Darlene Domanik

Scarlet Says Goodbye by Christine Thompson

The Tunnel and the Light by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

On Children and Death by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

** My go to items

Movies and Videos that Explore Death, Loss and Grief

Charlie St. Cloud
We Bought a Zoo

Children Movies About Death & Dying


Grief Feels Like ...

When Families Grieve

After The Loss

The 5 C's of Children's with loved one's with serious illness or death.

  1. Did I cause it?

  2. Can I catch it?

  3. Could I have cured it?

  4. Who is going to care for me?

  5. How will I stay connected to them?

**Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Teens

**Canadian Virtual Hospice

**Children and Youth Grief Network

Winston's Wish Book

Nightengale Centre for Children, Youth & families (Guelph) 

Andrea Warnick Consulting
Resources, Counselling Education & Support 

Liana Lowenstein - Child Trauma Therapist Articles for Parents

**Bereaved Families of Ontario

**Bereavement Ontario Network

Lighthouse  - Grieving Children & Families

National Alliance For Children's  Grief

The Children's Grief Foundation of Canada

Transitions LifeCare 
Resources for Teens and children

Seasons Centre for Grieving Children

The Children's Grief Foundation of Canada

Peer support programs for children, teens and adults who have experienced a separation, divorce, death or other painful transition within their family.

Canadian Alliance for Grieving Children

SLAPD -   Social media for teens who have lost a parent to find hope and connection through shared experiences.

Lighthouse Grief Support (Toronto) Virtual & In person

** Resilient Parenting for Bereaved Families 

Downloadable Information 

Preparing Children for Funerals & Memorials (Andrea Warnick)

My Feeling Faces

Feeling Wheel

Grief and Incarcerated Family Member

My Feeling Faces

My Brother Is Away by Sarah Greenwood ~ This children’s book is about a young girl whose brother is in prison.


Talking To Children About MAiD
(Fraser Health)

**Medical Assistance in Dying - Activity Book
(Canadian Virtual Hospice)

Talking To Children About MAiD
(Canadian Virtual Hospice)
Videos and more

Special Niche Areas

Grief & Bereavement Resources for People with Autism

Canadian Cancer Society - Talking with Children

ALS Canada

Helping Children Cope - Parents Guide

Talking With Young People

When Someone Special has ALS

When Your Parent Has ALS


Recommended Books for Children & Parents

Version 4 

(Updated May 12, 2023)

Activity Books

Cory Helps Kids Cope with Grief by Liana Lowenstein

Ready to Remember - Jeremy's Journey of Hope and Healing

The Story of Jeremy, a boy suffering from Childhood Traumatic Grief. (CTG, a violent or unexpected death, such as an accident, natural disaster, homicide, suicide) 

Kai's Journey  (New York Life Foundation)


**Canadian Virtual Hospice Video Series

- Children & Grief KidsGrief Q & A Series 
- Children & Grief videos for those working with kids

- and more!! 

Pet Loss

After The Death of a Companion Animal 

Dougy Centre

See recommended book list above for pet loss books.

The Invisible Leash

Noteable Podcasts and Articles

Ask Doctor Death

EP 33: Dr. Korie Leigh - Helping Children Manage Grief and Loss

Disrupting Death

Pajama party at a funeral home! Painting a coffin in a schoolyard! In this episode, Cynthia Clark talks about how she “included, consulted and considered” her children in the process of her husband’s medically assisted death. 

Talk Death;

Talking to Toddlers and Young Children About Death 

Support Groups and Camps

Tender Hearts - David Kessler
Online Group - Fee for use

Summer Grief Camps for kids - Camp Skein

Bereaved Families of Ontario

Summer Grief Camps for kids - Camp Erin

Clinicians and Educators

Canadian Virtual Hospice (Courses and Conferences)

BON Education & Resources

Andrea Warnick Consulting (Education and Counselling)

Liana Lowenstein - Child Trauma Therapist (Resources, Articles & more)

Sick Kid, Garry Hurvitz Centre for Community Mental Health (Children's grief and bereavement certificate program)

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Canuck Place Children's Hospice (Conversation training - children


Crisis Services Canada

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 3.54.30 PM.png

Kid's Help Line
24-hour crisis line: 1-800-688-6868

In Canada TEXT "CONNECT" to 686868


Call 911


Go To Your Nearest Emergency Department

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